Oggle our new octopus

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Thu Jan 24 19:16:12 NZDT 2008

Hi folks

Meet our new octopus!   He has been called Joe - after Joseph with 
the coat of many colours - because of his amazing ability to change 

He was caught today, and is in our big circular display tank in the 
NZ Marine Studies Centre at Portobello.  He is huge, and very 
handsome, as you can see!

He was a bit grumpy to start off with, and spent most of his first 
day sulking at the bottom of the tank.  But later in the afternoon he 
came out to explore his new home and we were able to take some photos 
as he flowed around the tank, checking out all the nooks and crannies.

Visitors to the Aquarium at Portobello have all heard stories about 
how clever an octopus is, and how easily they can escape through the 
tiniest holes.  They are also good at slithering over smooth surfaces 
and can remain alive for some time out of water, so we have attached 
rough carpet around the top of the tank to prevent him from 
slithering right over the top!

Here is Joe displaying his amazing suckers .  Do come to visit him 
..... before he escapes!

NZ Marine Studies Centre & Aquarium, Portobello, Dunedin
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Daily Guided Tour at 10.30am - Adult $18, Child $9, Family $42.
Phone 479 5826 to book tours or special activities.
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